The Arrival of Turbine Blades and Towers for the Second Phase of the Formosa I Project

The Arrival of Turbine Blades and Towers for the Second Phase of the Formosa I Project

The second phase 120 MW facility in the Formosa I project is expected to be completed at the end of 2019. Currently, the wind turbines blades and towers are gradually arriving in Taiwan.

For phase two of the Formosa I project, Siemens Gamesa’s 6MW turbines are used, which have 75 meter long blades. The turbine blades, towers, and canopies for 20 turbines are expected to arrive in Taiwan during the second quarter. The first batch of blades to arrive in Taiwan is produced from Taiwan manufactured resin that is produced by one of the Formosa I’s investors, Swancor, in their Nantou facility. After production, the resin material is shipped to Siemens Gamesa for use in Denmark to make the blades.

Matthias Bausenwein, Ørsted’s Asia Pacific president cum Taiwan chairman of the board: “As the largest shareholder in the Formosa I project, Ørsted will continue to introduce offshore wind power capability and technical teams, and to support links between local suppliers and the international offshore wind power generation industry. The arrival of Formosa I’s second stage turbine parts is the result of cooperation between Taiwan and Europe. Ørsted is very proud to be able to promote Taiwan’s energy transformation and help with the building of a local supply chain.”

Kouchi Tamura, the chairman of JERA Energy Taiwan: “We are very happy to be able to complete the transportation of the wind turbine blades and towers. This is an important milestone and I hope that follow-up installation work on the ocean can proceed safely and smoothly as planned.”

Tsai Yi-Ting, Macquarie Capital’s Taiwan responsible person: “We are very happy that Formosa I has passed a new milestone. The gradual arrival of the wind turbine blades and towers demonstrates our progress towards the commercialization of the wind farm. We are honored to be able to continuously support Taiwan’s renewable energy development and share our international experience.”

Swancor  Chairman Robert Tsai: “Swancor plays a dual role as a material supplier to an international wind turbine blade manufacturer and as an offshore wind power generation developer. As the initiator of Formosa I, we have worked with our partners to complete Taiwan’s first offshore wind farm on schedule. Swancor  is also continuing to promote the use of resin and carbon fiber composite material in wind turbine blades, which can promote the domestic production of turbine materials.”

Niels Steenberg, president of Siemens Gamesa’s Asia Pacific offshore wind power: “Today we witnessed another milestone in Taiwan’s offshore wind power development. We are very proud to be able to participate in this process and show off the results of Swancor as the supplier of Siemens Gamesa. As a turbine manufacturer, Siemens Gamesa is always looking for more suppliers that can provide safe and high-quality products at a competitive cost, and to add these suppliers to the expanding industry supply chain.”

  • Announcing agency: Formosa I Wind Power
  • Announcement date: April 17, 2019


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The total installation capacity of Formosa I is 128MW; the first phase commissioned in 2017 having a capacity of 8MW; the second phase, to be completed in 2019 will have capacity of 120MW.